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80 Years of Evolving Waste Disposal Systems
May 2, 2013

2013 marks BloApCos 80th anniversary! You certainly don't survive 8 decades in business without being able to adapt to a changing marketplace. We started out as a company that provided air blowers that dispersed debris, but we saw a growing market for disposal and recycling solutions as technology and packaging rapidly developed. And, we've continued to evolve when necessary ever since.

Shredders started out as cumbersome, hand-cranked devices that could shred paper but not much else. As times changed, so did shredders. What started out as a device mostly used in government offices, became an indispensable tool and a staple of many households. In this day and age shredders are the first line of defense against identity theft. Consumers use them to shred important documents, like bank statements, and protect their personal information.

At the same time, shredders also became useful for shredding materials other than paper. Today's technology can be used to shred and dispose of plastics, corrugated boxes, sheet metal, and packaging of all kinds. If you've tuned into our social media accounts, you may have even seen recent news about shredders that are capable of disposing of automobiles and home appliances. The most important function of shredders today is to dispose of waste and keep the workplace and assembly lines running smoothly.

As the requirement for stronger waste management systems arose, BloApCo was there to serve our customer's needs. We brought innovation after innovation to the marketplace. When current material handling fans couldn't do the job, we made rugged fans that were much more durable. We introduced heavy duty shredders, trim cutters, diverters, and other products as the need arose.

At BloApCo we have always strived to bring the best possible waste disposal systems to the market. Back in 1933 we may not have predicted that people would one day be able to order products from massive online retailers with the click of a button, but our waste disposal solutions evolved to be able to shred and dispose of the astronomical amount of corrugated cardboard that the typical warehouse and distribution centers produce. We will continue to evolve along with our products, and we hope that in 80 more years BloApCo will be celebrating another anniversary.


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