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Benefits of Pierce and Tear Shredding Procedure
June 5, 2013

No matter the industry, all business owners have to deal with waste. From sensitive documents, to shipping materials and packaging, to outdated office furniture, all of these things must be efficiently disposed of.

When most people think of shredders, they limit the scope to paper. In reality, there are different types of shredders that are capable of mincing things of all shapes, sizes, and materials. To put it into perspective, there are even shredders that can rip apart cars.

The key to this impressive destruction is using a pierce and tear technique. Ripping teeth are mounted onto shafts that rotate at different speeds to literally pierce, and then tear apart objects. To illustrate the concept, consider how much easier it is to rip off a piece of paper when theres a line of perforation. The small holes weaken the materials bond to itself, making deconstruction less labor-intensive.

This reduces the amount of energy needed for shredding, resulting in lower operating costs and a smaller carbon footprint. Slowly tearing apart materials also reduces the amount of dust and fly-away pieces. This makes it safer for operators and the surrounding area. And because there are no sparks from sawing, it also eliminates the risk of fire.

For places where noise is a concern, such as areas near housing or schools, the quietest industrial shredder available is a pierce and tear model.

Perhaps the greatest strength of the pierce and tear method is its speed. While the process works by slowly tearing apart materials, its actually a pretty quick result. It takes just 15 seconds to shred a stack of eight plastic chairs, for example.

Given its speed, efficiency, safety, and noise control, pierce and tear is an ideal option for waste disposal.


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