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Manufacturing Day  An Opportunity to Reevaluate Your Manufacturing Process
October 2, 2013

With fall now in full swing, tradeshow season has arrived. Another trademark of fall is the approach of Manufacturing Day, which is already here! October 4th is officially Manufacturing Day, with many people and places designating October as Manufacturing Month.

Manufacturers around the country are celebrating in various ways. Some are hosting open houses while others have created virtual tours. Another option is to see how far the manufacturing process has come, and reevaluate where its heading in the future.

Coming up with ways to improve sustainability is one approach to observing Manufacturing Day this year. One of the easiest ways is by analyzing your waste removal process and finding greener alternatives.

For example, in facilities that produce a lot of scrap material, incorporating a pierce and tear shredding method will improve energy efficiency thanks to low horsepower needs.

Sometimes, balers and compactors get jammed from Old Corrugated Container (OCC) boxes that are too large for their hopper openings. This is a waste of time and energy as machinery struggles to function against the jam. It also leads to unnecessary downtime as operations are stalled. Incorporating a pierce and tear shredder will help prevent this issue while allowing more material to be compacted into denser bales. And the denser the bales are, the fewer will need to be disposed of, which further saves resources.

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