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BloApCo at Pack Expo 2014 in Chicago
October 16, 2014
If you are attending Pack Expo, November 2-5 at McCormick Place in Chicago, be sure to stop by the BloApCo booth, #9526 on the East side, lower level. We will be featuring our industry-leading Trim Cutters and Trim Removal Fans. Trim Cutters are especially useful to paper, film and foil converters, allowing them to efficiently remove edge trim from production lines, maximizing up-time by eliminating edge trim blockages and allowing machinery to run at full speed. Trim Cutters cut continuous material into small pieces that move with ease to a collection area such as a baler or compactor, and are ideal wherever one or more edge trims are conveyed through the same duct. Trim Removal Fans are used in air-trim systems to pneumatically move cut scrap efficiently in a duct system to the collection or disposal area. Continuous trims that are conveyed without cutting tend to twist and rope. This roping leads to balling of edge trim as faster and slower moving trims tangle and plug the duct. This plug could be anywhere in the scrap system. Non-tearable continuous trims being conveyed through a material handling fan wrap around the fan wheel, plugging and possibly damaging the fan. An efficient BloApCo-designed air-trim system uses less air and horsepower to move cut scrap material to the collection area, cutting your energy cost. Only PACK EXPO focuses on processing and packaging solutions while at the same time introducing you to technologies and ideas from all different industries. Its the one place you can discover innovations you didnt know existed and truly see what is possible. We hope to see you there.


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