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BloApCo Industrial Shredders can Improve Plant Efficiency and Save Money.

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The patented Pierce-and-Tear shredding action pulls material into the shredder and tears it apart. The smooth shredding action outperforms the hammering, grinding, or cutting/crushing wear and tear of other shredding or scrap reduction methods. For decades, the proven BloApCo concept has kept pace with the growing volume of waste offering the industry unsurpassed performance and economy in scrap disposal.

The Technology for Corrugated Paperboard and Related Material

Pierce-and-Tear shredding works for corrugated and paperboard plants, printers, converters and others. Materials shredded include corrugated sheets, roll slab, cores and carton scrap for folding carton manufacturers; poly-coated and multi-ply materials for converters; specialty papers like Mimeo, cigarette/tipping paper, newspapers plus many other materials.
Vertical Shredder

Eliminates Baler Jams while Increasing Capacity

Boxes and cartons clog baler infeed hoppers because they tumble when they're conveyed into a baler's mouth. When you add a shredder to the system there is no limit to the size of the box you can bale, and any standard baler will do. Shredding also increases the amount of material in the baling chamber so that baler function is more efficient.

Saves Labor with Automatic Operation and Easy Maintenance

An expertly designed BloApCo shredding / baling / compacting system will operate completely unattended, saving personnel for more important tasks. In addition, BloApCo equipment is designed to be heavy-duty and easily maintained by equipment operators or in-house maintenance people.

Reduces Energy Consumption throughout the Scrap Handling System

The ripper wheels form a spiral pattern along the shaft, spreading the impact over the entire shredding shaft. This delivers more capacity with less horsepower, resulting in lower energy costs than any other waste reduction method.

Cuts haul-away Costs by Increasing Bale Density/Container Weight

Reducing cartons and boxes into small pieces produces 50% denser bales and increases compactor density up to 5 times. This reduces the number of bales and can reduce haul-away costs by as much as 75%. It also enables you to get a higher price for your waste.

Increases Plant Safety

By eliminating jams, your BloApCo shredder will eliminate the need for personnel to push boxes into the baler infeed hopper. Additional safety devices include automatic jog reverse and overload relays, and a safety overweight plate built into the head end of the infeed conveyor, cutting power whenever loads over 60 to 80 pounds reach the area.

Reduces Pilferage

One of the biggest revenue losses for warehouses and distribution centers is pilferage. Once a shredder is introduced into the system, there is no way for the thieves to recover the items before they are destroyed.

Automatic Overload Reverse

If the shredder is overfed the relay automatically cuts power to the shredder and the feed conveyor. The shredder reverses allowing the material to reposition pass as the shredder and conveyor resume the process.
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