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Shredders:Horizontal Floor Shredders

Horizontal Floor Shredder

BloApCo's popular floor shredder measures up to the needs of corrugated and paperboard industries with a growing range of configurations. Well-equipped for effective shredding performance and pneumatic removal of shredded scrap, no other shredder line comes close to this performance and reliability.
BEST USES Shredding Cores
Crushing and Shredding Boxes
Feeding and Shredding Corrugated sheets of any width
Folding Carton
MATERIALS Corrugated Sheets
Roll Slab
Cores and Carton Scrap for Folding Carton Manufacturers
Polycoated and Multi-Ply Materials for Converters
Specialty Papers: Mimeo, Newspapers and Cigarette/Tipping Paper
Specialists since 1933 in Shredders, Fan Type Pneumatic Conveying Systems & Equipment
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