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Bulletin 011: Material Handling Fans
Bulletin 011 - Supplement: Material Handling Fans
Bulletin 801: Pallet Shredders
Bulletin 804: Bale Transfer Unit
Bulletin 805: Carton and Sheet Shredder - Vertical
Bulletin 822: Seal Drum Die Cut Scrap Conveyor
Bulletin 831: Diverter Valves
Bulletin 861: Trim Collectors - Cyclones
Bulletin 871: Carton and Sheet Shredder - Piggyback
Bulletin 872: Pallet Shredders - Piggyback
Bulletin 883: Core Shredders - Piggyback
Bulletin 151: Shredder Systems for Warehouse & Distribution Centers
Bulletin 151: Configuration Worksheet
Bulletin 912: Core Shredders - Floor
Bulletin 931:Pneumatic Scrap Handling Equipment
Bulletin 951: Carton and Sheet Shredder - Floor Mounted
Bulletin 951 - Supplement: Carton and Sheet Shredder - Floor Mounted
Bulletin 991: Trim Cutters
Bulletin 991 - Supplement: Trim Cutters

Tech Sheets

Trim Cutter: Model 3B
Trim Cutter: Model 5SC
Trim Cutter: Model 5TOB
Trim Cutter: Model 7-6
Trim Cutter: Model 7-9
Trim Cutter: Model 8-3
Trim Cutter: Model 8-5
Trim Cutter: Model 8-8
Trim Cutter: Model 12SC

Trim Handling Fan: Model 15-4
Trim Handling Fan: Model 25-4
Heavy Duty Fan: Model 25-2
Heavy Duty Fan: Model 30-2
Heavy Duty Fan: Model 35-2
Heavy Duty Fan: Model 40-2
Heavy Duty Fan: Model 45-2
Heavy Duty Fan: Model 50-2
Heavy Duty Fan: Model 55-2
Heavy Duty Fan: Model 60-2

Application Reports

Application Report 10: Trim Cutter
Application Report 11: Shredder-to Baler
Application Report 12: Shredder-to Compactor
Application Report 13: Shredder-to Air System
Application Report 14: Shredder-to Compactor
Application Report 15: Shredder-to Baler
Application Report 16: Shredder-to Compactor
Application Report 17: Shredder-to Rotary Screen
Application Report 18: Shredder-to Baler
Application Report 19: Shredder-to Incinerator
Application Report 20: Shredder-to Compactor
Application Report 21: Shredder-to Compactor
Application Report 22: Trim Cutters
Application Report 23: Trim Cutter / Fan
Application Report 24: Shredder-to Compactor
Application Report 25: Shredder-to Incinerator
Application Report 26: Shredder-to Granulator
Application Report 27: Shredder-to Compactor
Application Report 28: Shredder-to Air System
Application Report 29: Shredder-to Compactor
Application Report 29A: Rejected and Overrun Plastic Parts
Application Report 30: Shredder-to Compactor
Application Report 31: Fan Extra Heavy Duty
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