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Trim Cutter

Trim Cutter

If your converting line creates edge trim, the by-product is an opportunity to save time and money. Increase production up-time and allow your converting machinery to run at full speed with a BloApCo Trim Cutter as part of your comprehensive scrap handling system.

Trim Cutters enable continuous web manufacturers, slitters and converters to remove edge trim from production lines while maximizing up-time by eliminating edge trim blockages. They cut continuous material into small pieces that move with ease to a collection area such as a baler or compactor, and are ideal wherever one or more edge trims are conveyed through the same duct.
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Model 5SC: Model 7-6:
Model 7-9: Model 8-3:
Model 8-5: Model 8-8:
Model 12SC:    
BEST USES Removal of continuous film, Edge Trim and Matrix
INDUSTRIES Converting, Paper, Film, Plastic, Non-woven, Foils
MATERIALS From 0.00025 inches (6.35 ¼m) to 0.25 inches (6350 ¼m)
  • light paper
  • poly films
  • recording tape
  • Mylar
  • fine nylon fibers
  • non-wovens
  • paper
  • light fiberboard
  • corrugated board
  • solid bleached sulfate, paperboard
  • plastic film
  • foil laminates
  • pressure-sensitive stock
  • light, non-ferrous foils
  • heavy fiberboard
  • solid bleached sulfate paperboard
  • laminated kraft, heavy non-ferrous metal up to 0.025 in.
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